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If you have been struggling to make ends meet and you are receiving calls on a daily basis from debt collectors, you need to find a real solution. Robbing your savings and retirement accounts will not help you in the long run.


Family Law

Legal issues that affect the family are often the most stressful. Frequently, legal issues arise when a family is going through a transition, such as a divorce or making decisions about the care of a loved one.


Probate of

Our legal team understands wills and trust distributions are often the cause debate and dispute between beneficiaries. Sometimes, there is no will or plan in place when a loved one dies.


Small Business

Small businesses have unique needs. Owners are often faced by challenges that larger business do not need to deal with, and as such, they need the guidance and experience of an attorney familiar with the small business world.


Edward Macek

If You Are Considering Bankruptcy, You Need Someone on Your Side You Can Trust

At a time when allies can be hard to find, The Law Office of Edward Macek is on your side. Our bankruptcy attorneys in Milford, MA, are experts in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and can provide the legal representation you need to swiftly settle your claim. This crucial time can have long-lasting effects on your financial state, so having expert legal consultation on your side is vital. Call The Law Office of Edward Macek today to schedule a time to discuss your bankruptcy claim in Milford, MA.

Five Important Things You Need to Know about Bankruptcy

Before you decide to file for bankruptcy, consider the following:

The amount of money you owe versus your income: If your debt is far beyond what you can afford to pay based on your current income, bankruptcy is likely your best option.

You do not need to pay any more money toward debts that will be settled in bankruptcy: An attorney can review with you what debts you need to continue paying once you decide to file for bankruptcy. The money you have been putting toward credit card bills could be used to catch up on mortgage payments or afford necessities such as food and medication.

Do not think you can hide assets: You should not try to “protect” assets or pay back money owed to family and friends before filing for bankruptcy. This can lead to charges of fraud and make your financial problems much worse. An attorney can help you protect your assets when you file for bankruptcy.

Put away your credit cards: If there is an emergency, credit card use can be excused, but avoid using them otherwise. Accruing additional debt right before filing for bankruptcy can lead to problems.

Work with an experienced attorney: The money you invest in an attorney when you file for bankruptcy can end up saving you thousands – not to mention protecting your home and other important assets. Now is not the time to cut corners – contact the Law Office of Edward Macek for help with filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Filing for bankruptcy can be a stressful experience, but it can also be the smartest decision you ever make. Bankruptcy is a tool that can help you get your financial situation under control and build a brighter future.

The Law Office of Edward Macek is here for all your legal needs in Milford, MA.

When choosing an attorney in Milford, MA, you want a local attorney with a record of experience and professionalism. Edward Macek began practicing law in 1996 and thus has nearly 20 years of experience in bankruptcy law, family law, probate of estates and small business law. After attending Boston College, Boston University and the Massachusetts School of Law, Edward Macek has gained extensive knowledge in many legal fields and how they apply to the state of Massachusetts. Call The Law Office of Edward Macek today to set up a free 30 minute consultation regarding all of your lawyer needs in Milford, MA.

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